Bag Collection Yearly Review - 2017

Bag Collection Yearly Review - 2017

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Looking back at 2017 and reflecting on how much I used each of the bags in my collection… here we go!


Used a lot: every week and/or on regular rotation for at least half the year
Used moderately: every other month it comes back into rotation
Used rarely: could count on one hand the number of times i’ve used it this year

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Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo

Used moderately - I used this pretty regularly for the first half of 2017. I took a break from it when I added a few new bags to my collection. I bought my Chanel Classic Small Flap in August and since then I haven't reached for the Jumbo once. Another factor is that for the last few years, big bags just aren’t as fashionable I guess. However I’m still happy with her, I won’t ever sell her because (1) she’s in such a perfect, classic color/hardware configuration and (2) we bought her on our big trip to Germany/Italy and it’s a souvenir from that great trip.

Chanel Classic Small Flap

Used a lot - Long time readers (and viewers!) will remember my stormy relationship with the Chanel WOC. I finally sold that bag and moved on to it’s bigger, better comrade: the Chanel Small Flap. And it’s everything I hoped it would be… and more. Never leave me, small flap. I love you. This is forever.

chloe marcie prada saffiano.png

Chloe Marcie

Used rarely - I still like this bag, for all the reasons listed in my review video. I just don’t use her as much because the light grey suede scares me. I don’t want to get her dirty! But doing this bag review reminds me I want to get her back into rotation again!

Prada Top Handle

Used rarely - I think I used it exactly twice — once during my graduation ceremony, and once for a wedding. I have debated SO MANY TIMES, for SO MANY YEARS whether to sell this bag. I want to keep her because she is a beautifully made bag — even after 6 years the leather is still beautiful, and the hardware is still gold and glossy, unlike some other bags e.g. cough Louis Vuitton cough. But I guess you can’t keep something just because it’s good quality. Even if it’s an amazing piece, if you don’t use it, it’s still clutter...

hermes bolide.png

Hermes Bolide

Used moderately - My holy grail bag. (Replacing my previous holy grail bag, the very similar LV Parnassea Alma, which I miss dearly. RIP) The only reason I don’t use her more regularly is because I treasure her so much and want to give her sufficient beauty sleep so that she can live a long happy life with me. 

tote bags.jpg

Goyard St. Louis Tote

Used a lot - Still in love with this bag. Love the classic Goyard canvas print, and love the handy attached pouch. I use this as my gym bag, as my carry on for flights/travel, and during weekend errands.

Tory Burch Perry Tote x 2

Used a lot - I used these two totes a lot during the first half of the year, almost every day! I still think they’re one of the best values for a leather tote on the market — other brands charge a lot more for a lot less quality! Too bad Tory Burch stopped making these.

LV Speedy 25 Bandouliere

Used moderately - Yup… this purchase was enabled by the Youtube hype. I used this bag almost every day for the first two months. Then I remembered that I don’t like monogram handbags on me, and haven’t touched it since. They look so chic when paired with high-fashion, but then again, I am not high-fashion lol. I’m the poster child of blue jeans and cozy sweaters. So I sold this! I am definitely eyeing the Empreinte version though.

longchamp le pliage.png

Longchamp Le Pliage

Listen to me closely — this is the best work bag ever. And there will never be anything greater, ya hear?? I used a black one for 5 years, then got this one and I use it for every work shift. I love it. It’s lightweight, has a secure zip, durable, and the branding is JUST RIGHT — not too expensive that it’s inappropriate for work, yet still nice and polished.

Owning 10 bags is the perfect collection, don’t you think? I think from now on I’ll try to stick to that number. Hmm but as I mentioned above, some of these bags are going out… so that means some are coming in ;-) Stay tuned for the new additions!

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