Weekly Musings

1. My boyfriend and I got engaged in London! We shared it with family and close friends in person as soon as we came back home, then shared the news via social media last week! Ahhhh!


2. So its no surprise that I've been thinking about diamonds a lot recently. We had fun buying from Tiffany's while abroad in London (more on that process to come), but I have always had an interest in moissanite, a gem that deserves more recognition than just "diamond alternative." Did you know that moissanite actually generates more fire (colored light reflection) and has more brilliance (white light reflection) than diamonds? Here's some comparison figures I found online:


They do sparkle differently, though -- click to play this comparison video:

Okay, so considering that moissanite is such a strong contender against diamonds, why does almost everyone buy a diamond for engagement rings and other jewelry? Is this just proof that social customs can be so strong that they overpower rational alternatives? I do think that in the future, if I ever want a second pair of larger diamond studs, I'll consider moissanite. I'm always scared of losing an earring, and moissanite would give me more peace of mind. Yes it is less durable than diamonds -- but at 9.25 (out of 10 on Mohs scale) it's still very tough… and earrings don't get knocked around like, say, a ring -- so earrings might be the perfect opportunity for me to try moissanite! Would you ever consider moissanite?

3. Happy new year again, everyone, and thanks for reading. I'm looking forward to blogging more in 2017 :)