Wedding season!

Wedding season!

Even though it was open bar (clearly), my table felt the need to steal a 2nd bottle of Hen.

Even though it was open bar (clearly), my table felt the need to steal a 2nd bottle of Hen.

(Again, just random recent photos that are not relevant to the post topic.)

They say life is a marathon.

So goddammit, pace yourself!

But that's just counter to my natural constitution, yo. I'm a sprinter, not a marathoner *. What I mean by those terms is:

A marathoner would be 'slow and steady' in life. The person who does a bit of studying each day. Who doesn't necessarily train in the gym hardcore, but gets in their regular 3 miles every week.

Then there's the sprinter, who lays low until it's go time. I'm a sprinter, for sure. In all aspects of my life I am on lazy mode by default until something big comes up. When I was in Japan one of my favorite concepts I learned was "mendokusai めんどくさい" which translates to "meh, that's too much trouble." 

But don't get me wrong -- when its crunch time, I pull through. I GO HAM. I study hard for the midterm and get the A. I'm up all night packing, and perfectly airport-ready by morning.

Except that although sprinting works most of the time in life, there are some crucial drawbacks to living your life this way. 

(1) Losing weight/getting fit. You cant sprint to lose weight. it's has to be done slow and steady, and consistency is key. You can't just not exercise, not exercise, not exercise, and then EXERCISE REALLY HARD OVER THE WEEKEND and be fit.

(2) The crash and the recovery. Typically during a burst of hardcore sprinting (e.g. finals week, editing a video, taking the bar exam) there's this wonderful surge of adrenaline. It's intense, it's exciting, it keeps you pumped and mega focused, it's like you're running, you're running, YOU'RE RUNNING!!! THERE'S MUSIC! YOU'RE ALMOST AT THE FINISH LINE! GO GO GOOO YOU CAN DO IT EVERYONE IS CHEERING FOR YOU COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! And then suddenly, it's all over. It's quiet. There's the distant noise of birds in the background. No one is here.... it's all empty. Now that you've finished, what do you do with yourself? ... What was my purpose in life, again?

So now you're a lost soul with no purpose in life, aimlessly wandering the channels of cable TV or your blog feed. That's not the only thing. Because you worked so hard, you feel absolutely ENTITLED to doing nothing for the next 72 hours. No house chores. No emails, car washes, or bank errands. Gas tank low? Mendokusai -- I'll put gas in tomorrow. (Jon isn't too fond of these recuperating periods). 

All the while, your blog declines in your absence. Which is kind of what you guys see happening here after a video is published, lol. I'm thinking of making the switch from sprinter to marathoner. What about you? In your life, are you a sprinter or a marathoner?


*Yeah yeah I know the real term is "marathon runner" but, again, mendokusai.