VIDEO: My Makeup Routine!

First of all, let me say THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for all your love on my last video! 

I freakin' love you guys. 

I also love this group that I'm a part of -- we have a mix of creative talents: photography, writing, humor, etc. We enjoy blogging, making videos, bouncing ideas off each other, procrastinating, long walks on the beach... ;) A number of us are also makeup enthusiasts...

So of course we had to do a theme about EVERYDAY MAKEUP :D

Between the 5 of us, it seems we are able to achieve 3 videos each round, haha. A pretty decent ratio if you ask me! Thank you for watching, and please give the videos your love. Subscribe, like, and click here to tweet! 

P.S. In my video, there's a "trick" -- see if you can catch it! Leave a YouTube comment if you got it! ;)