Le Pain Quotidien, Newport Beach

Stereotypical Orange County: Sun. Palm trees. And lots of SUVs.

Stereotypical Orange County: Sun. Palm trees. And lots of SUVs.

I'm not really good at working.

In that cliche way, I'm one of those moderately intelligent people who can get by with a crappy work ethic. In a way, it makes you feel cool 'cause everyone else is putting in so much honest effort while you watch vlogs on YouTube, but "getting by" is no way to live. Deep down, I know that real success (the kind that's measured by dollar signs, as opposed to worthless grades) requires hard work and dedication... so I'll be changing my tune soon enough.

Until I procure a better work ethic, one of my favorite things to do ever is to have a lazy brunch. It has to be both lazy and a brunch -- a breakfast won't do, because that's way too early. And I don't do power brunches. I do leisurely ones, ones where you can't decide whether to have coffee or iced tea so you have both; you can't decide between savory (egg omelette) or sweet (waffles with whipped cream)... so I usually take the combination platter.

And then you have food coma afterwards. True story: once Jon and I woke up late (11amish) and finished brunch around 2pm. I was full, the afternoon sun was deliciously warm and soporific, so naturally, I became very sleepy...

On the drive home I yawned, "I'm so tired!"

Jon looked at me incredulously and said (not without a note of judgement), "We haven't even done anything! All we did so far today was eat brunch!"


This is Le Pain Quotidien, a chain boulangerie and cafe. All LPQs everywhere are nice, but this one in particular is special because it's in a shopping plaza called "Fashion Island." True to Newport Beach style, the plaza is very beautiful and insists on leisure: leisurely eating, leisurely shopping. And a few steps from the patio dining area you can see the beach! This is one of our favorite "Sunday" locations to have a lazy brunch at, and we often run into colleagues and friends doing exactly the same here as well :)

Le Pain Quotidien
401 Newport Center Dr. #1103A
Newport Beach, CA 92660