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Things I Hate to Have Said To Me

Things I Hate to Have Said To Me

No, no, noOOooo! Things I hate to have said to me:

"Sorry, we ran out of boba"

If you don't know what boba is, don't worry we can fix this. Book a plane to California. Head down to Orange County, and search the Yelp app for "boba." Select the boba shop that has (1) the most amount of reviews (good ones have hundreds; hyped ones have thousands) and (2) at least 4 stars. Order a "milk-tea-with-boba-half-sweet."

Yes, I know "boba" can be explained as "tapioca" that you add to drinks like smoothies or milk tea. But in my experience, any shop that called its boba "tapioca" sucked. 

Beware, your future diet attempts will now forever be screwed. I drink this once a week... twice if I'm particularly stressed lol. Three times, if I had my way and my metabolism would cooperate.

"Could I have your notes?"

No. Sorry, I'm jaded from way too many people trying to use me for my notes, lol. I take the best notes ever. Hold the notes and you're probably physically closer to getting an A... read them and the class material will suddenly appear as one of the most natural, obvious truths in life. I may be wrong but I think the angels pull out their harps and the gates of heaven open, too.

So you need to earn this privilege, young grasshopper. Or treat me to a boba! :)

"Why do you want to go into healthcare?"

Because it's a field that feeds my thirst for responsibility, challenge, and a fast paced environment while allowing me to contribute to society, a simple desire that I'm sure appeals to everyone in one way or another. Unfortunately this answer, although true, is basically a cliche now so I'm still trying to think of a more clever answer. I genuinely feel vulnerable since I haven't formulated one yet.

If you think you have a good one, hurry and e-mail me at desgettier@gmail.com! Time is of the essence.

"Can I see your license and registration?"

Dang it :(


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