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The Getty Villa & Museum

The Getty Villa & Museum


I live pretty close to Los Angeles, but I'm going to tell you the honest truth: I don't know half of the famous/beautiful/important places in LA.

In fact, for a couple years I actually lived in LA... a hop, skip, and jump from Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, too.

But if you come to visit one day and your iPhone GPS fails you -- don't call me for directions, dude. I have no idea where you are. I might recognize the names of the streets you mention to me, but only in a "Oh! I've heard of that street before!" kind of way.

You see, I just can't deal with driving in LA. Actually, the driving itself isn't so bad -- one can get quite used to it, and start driving aggressively and angrily soon enough. The problem is the parking. Trying to parallel park (1) in the midst of hasty LA drivers, (2) on a narrow street and (3) into a tight spot to boot... is just wayyy too many stress factors for me.

So I didn't drive around much when I lived in LA... so I never visited the Getty Museum! I guess it's a funny irony, that we often book airplanes, hotels, and tours to see landmarks thousands of miles away... but the ones in our own city we neglect.

This Valentine's day my boyfriend did the driving! To be honest, 99% of the time if Jon and I are in a car together, he is the one driving. It might even be 100% -- I don't remember the last time I was the driver so perhaps it's never even happened yet lol. I mean, driving stresses me out and he's a car enthusiast for godssake, so I say let's not fight what feels natural! Lol.

The Getty Museum is well known... But my favorite part is actually the Getty Villa, which is separate and about a 5 minute drive away. The Villa is a more intimate look at the Getty collection, and very serene and pretty with its gorgeous gardens.


The museum in contrast to the Villa is very grand, with sweeping architecture.


A very gorgeous Valentine's day date! Let me know what you did for Valentine's day in the comments... and whether you can relate with me about getting stressed out by driving/parking haha! 

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