How To Eat at a Fancy Restaurant

How To Eat at a Fancy Restaurant


This is not a how-to post. 

I’ve spoken before about my difficult with eating elegantly: i.e., getting caviar stuck in my teeth.

Another gastronomic problem I’m often faced with is: exactly how do I eat a dish? Literally: sometimes it’s not obvious and you have to deal with lots of internal struggles like: Utensils or no? (Pizza divides the masses on this one… personally I eat my pizza with hands but my chicken wings with chopsticks lol.) If it’s not completely obvious what to do, I have to hesitantly wing it. 

Sometimes I get the guts to ask the waiter nonchalantly. Sometimes I prefer drink more wine, opting for liquid cour -- creativity.

La Folie is a gorgeous French restaurant in San Francisco. They’re very proud of their 1 Michelin star and go HAM with the fancy dishes.

It was a precarious beginning, right from the amuse bouche. Tell me, is it immediately obvious to you how to consume this soup? Only one way — take a shot :)


OK, the next two were easy and comforting. Glorified dippy eggs and gorgeous caviar!


Do you like to dip your food in the ‘sauce decor,’ or are they always decoration only?


This was my first time eating frog legs! I took one look at those teeny bones and figured a fork and knife would never work. I ate them like finger-lickin’ chicken wings. (But I guess if I had been given chopsticks I would have used those lol.)

The fact that there are four wine glasses on the table (between Jon and me) just shows that at this point in the meal things started to fall apart. I’m a really slow wine drinker so whenever we do a course meal with pairings, the wine glasses tend to stack up…


Yes! Once the entrees were out, it was a home run to the petite fours :)

Jon in the back scrutinizing his dish haha

Jon in the back scrutinizing his dish haha

Tell me — are you a prim and proper eater, or do you prefer to be comfortable? Do you eat pizza with a fork and knife? (Weirdo…)

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