Honda & Emotion in Branding


Dear Honda, I love you! And as a consumer, no rhyme nor reason can defeat that lovin' feelin' (: Here's a personal story that illustrates just how powerful emotion is for branding. 

Fond Memories

I grew up watching my older guy cousins race their Honda Preludes, save up for and flaunt their NSXs, and put old school racing-gold rims on their S2000s. As a young kid, my cousins and their cars (and motorcycles!) seemed the ultimate cool. (Side note: my cousin still keeps his AE86 for the nostalgia -- it's the car from Initial D, the business in street racing before Fast&Furious (; )

Bottom line: I grew up loving Honda.


2000 - 2012 was a definite lull for Honda. No denying it. But nothing could sway me from being a Honda girl, through and through. Jon's a car enthusiast and has a much more nuanced view of different car makes; he'd get quite frustrated with my dogmatic views. Honda isn't what it used to be, he'd try to impress upon me. Luckily Honda bounced back with the 2013 Accord and blew their competitors out of the water.  (Maybe they knew they had to compensate for the last 12 years.)

Finally, a sigh of relief. I could persist in my undying love for Honda without all that pesky cognitive dissonance! Yay!

To celebrate my graduation, we bought the 2013 Accord EX! Before one could say "Honda," Jon had already tinted my windows fit for a Kardashian and installed the sport rims (;  


No doubt I love the luxurious look. But... well, don't tell him but my favorite detail is still the customizable wallpaper! (; 


Ride till I die, Honda!! (;



P.S. Honda recently released an iPhone app called "RoadMovies" (Japan only), basically a video app to capture your travel and daily life (: The website is only in Japanese, but on Facebook I've seen lots of great vids so far! Great job, Honda... encouraging people to capture special moments during their day is another great way to forge emotional connections to your brand (: