Beloved UCLA & Beloved Apple


Last weekend, I finally walked for graduation ceremony at UCLA. After completing my degree senior year, I jetted off to study abroad in Japan before I could participate in commencement. So, one year later, I came back to indulge in all the festivities: the brand new Pauley Pavilion, the speeches, the flowers, the alcohol, the millions of photos. I expected to breeze through the events, insisting it was just a formality -- and I was proved absolutely wrong. The day of, I was overwhelmed with pride, happiness, sadness at leaving UCLA, and optimism for the future.


I noticed new typography during the ceremonies, so I did some googling. Apparently it's part of a 2012 rebranding effort by the branding agency 160over90. UCLA seems to think investing in brand management is important, because its done two campaigns recently: "UCLA, unabashed" in 2008 and the current "The Optimists" since 2012. I think there's a lot of room for improvement in the quality of the work (namely the website and the videos), but bottom line, the fact that UCLA is taking initiative is great.
Speaking of new campaigns, Apple. I love Apple and trust their genius. But I admit that considering their recent declines, and all the new changes, I am a little nervous. Me and all their stockholders, I'm sure. I'll focus on the new stuff that I love: their new signature "Designed by Apple in California," and the new direction of their branding. They're focusing less on individual products now, and more about the brand itself. Emphasizing emotion, enhancing the joyous moments in life, and connection between people.

Proof that Apple is still goddamn brilliant: Apple's "Intention" video from the June 2013 Keynote. Simple circles communicate their company intentions.

Anyway, my graduation weekend ended like this... seafood at home, Dom Perignon, dessert, and one of my favoritest movies everrrr, Kung Fu Panda!! 


Bye, UCLA ♡... Onwards and upwards (: