Cartier Love & Rinka

Another day, another list of chores… Ho hum. But then again, I think "cleaning diamond jewelry" would qualify as one of the best first world problems to have, am I right? Looks like I'm in good company too, as my mostest favoritest model-turned-creative-director Rinka 梨花さん just brought her Love bracelet out on her blog! Not my little ol' 4-diamonds one either, hers has a few more rocks included (; She says she's had it for 4 or 5 years now. It's always kind of cool when your idols have the same things you do, isn't it?


In other news, preternaturally perfect roses in my bouquet. A weekday token of love from my boyfriend ♡ I love the combination of white blooms with leafy greens. Literally. Check out the cabbage patch.


After soap and a soak, a rinse under filtered water. Fellow photographers will sympathize with the precarious one-handedness going on in this shot. 

It reads, "beloved kitten" and the date we met. (I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady / kitten at heart.)