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Dinner at Marche Moderne

Dinner at Marche Moderne


One of life's joys, for me, lies in the occasions on which I consume massive amounts of seafood.

Lucky for me, Jon feels exactly the same way.

It's not even about trying to eat healthier, or getting in my Omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil in or whatever. I would say that in terms of how Jon and I eat, 9 times out of 10 we're eating salty, fried, MSG-laden fish/shrimp/crab/lobster/eel/sea horse/sea slug/anything that crawls the depths of the ocean. Just kidding about the sea horse.

It's all just so delicious! And we'll just deal with the high sodium intake and associated hypertension... laterrr...

Anyway, Rubio's and California Fish Grill are all fine and good, but on special occasions we can't just eat the same old Beer Battered Fish Burrito (my favorite fast food item ever for the last 10 yrs). 

Last week, Jon and I celebrated our three year anniversary of being boyfriend and crazy cat lady. To treat ourselves, we headed to Marche Moderne!

Marche Moderne, "Modern Market," is a French bistro that serves Frenchy things, but right now they are also offering a special "Aquatic" 5 course menu. Jon and I chose this + the wine pairings.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but -- look, can I just say one thing? Just go to Marche Moderne. Okay? Just go. If you like seafood and you have a special occasion to celebrate, this is it. Go ahead and cancel your reservation at Marea in NY, or Gary Danko's in SF, or Providence or Hatfield's in LA… and head down to the OC. I name Marche Moderne my new favorite restaurant among all those delicious contenders -- you might too :)

* Just kidding about the sea slug haha. Google it to see how funny it looks lol.


People! What's your favorite food -- fast food, fine dining, or otherwise? 

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