About Desgettier

Desgettier has evolved over the years. At this point in its life I value it most as a means by which to publicly ramble about whatever's on my mind at the moment. Readers chime in with their experiences and opinions and that -- that little connection between my mind and yours -- that, my friends, is the single best thing about this blog.

On this blog I might muse about branding and the culture of luxury. Also, as a young professional, I've only just started to experiment and learn about style and how to take care of my things! There's plenty of miscellaneous life posts as well.

Oh, and -- the meaning behind the blog title Desgettier: 'Des' is shorthand for a type of medication (desflurane); 'Gettier' is the name of my favorite problem in philosophy (the Gettier problem) -- a nod to two big pieces of my life.

About Quinn

I'm a house cat -- perpetually either snacking or lounging around the house. I absolutely adore clever and ingenious design in anything -- song lyrics, user interface, conartist heists. And although my roots are in philosophy, I currently work in healthcare.

Sooo... that's me. How about you? Say hi and hint to me that you read this page by leaving a comment on Youtube or Instagram with this silly joke:

How do you think the unthinkable?

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Thanks so much for reading! ♡