About Desgettier

Desgettier has evolved over the years. At this point in its life I value it most as a means by which to publicly ramble about whatever's on my mind. And the things that have been on my mind for the last decade are: luxury, the culture of work, and creativity. 

I like luxury items and enjoy sharing reviews, as well as discussing consumer behavior and the marketing and business of luxury.

I admire ambitious and hardworking people and I love learning about grit, success and how to not eat marshmallows. I'm also interested in the work culture and choices for women.

Finally, I would say I'm pretty artsy-fartsy and Desgettier is a means by which to expend some of that fartsiness.

Oh, and -- the meaning behind the blog title Desgettier: 'Des' is shorthand for the medication desflurane; 'Gettier' is the name of my favorite problem in philosophy.

About Quinn

I'm a house cat -- perpetually either snacking or lounging around the house. I absolutely adore clever and ingenious design in anything -- song lyrics, user interface, conartist heists. And although my roots are in philosophy, I currently work in healthcare. If you're into any of these things, say hi in a blog comment or on Instagram... we should be friends, bro :)

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